How it Works

Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicaragua successfully raised $25,000 for our project [...]. PEAKS has been a wonderful way for us to reach our fundraising goal. Our members are very excited that this project will finally become reality as a handful of us head to Nicaragua in January to construct the model house.” - Kai Keane, Han Wei Chew & Eri Tomita

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How to Get Started

What is a Campaign? Campaigns are fundraising and friend-raising platforms started by Changemakers to bring their cause or project to life. Changemakers choose what type of Campaign they want to launch, such as a challenge, a competition or an event. Campaigns can run between 30-60 days. Campaign Features

What is a Champion? Champions join an existing Campaign by setting up a profile page to raise money and spread awareness for the cause they care about. Champion Features

What is a Platform? Platforms are for organizations, foundations or companies with multiple programs, grantees, departments or other sub-activities. We work with you to create a custom-branded Platform where you can host multiple Campaigns to help all of your Changemakers (such as program leaders, students, staff, volunteers and other members of your community) raise more money, build a bigger community and gain more visibility. Email us at for pricing and details.
Platform Features


    In partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension, PEAKS supports changemakers working in five program areas.